Cease Raking Leaves Perpetually!

stop raking leaves
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Raking Leaves is dangerous. By no means rake your leaves once more.

Right this moment whereas driving on a brief errand, I noticed a gentleman with a leaf vacuum connected to a using garden mower in a small entrance yard sucking up his leaves to deposit into the road.

Subsequent I noticed an outdated girl raking leaves by hand in an enormous entrance yard.
Then, a lady struggling to pull a tarp stuffed with gathered leaves from her yard out to the road.

I then noticed a teenage lady with a plugged-in leaf blower, blowing her leaves to the road, ever so slowly.  It appeared prefer it was going to take her a really very long time to finish her challenge.

Please stop and desist everybody…have some dandelion coffee and let’s discover why raking leaves could also be a ridiculous, wasteful endeavor for your self, after which contemplate committing to by no means raking leaves once more.

Bear in mind Leaves are a terrific supply of Natural Materials on your lawns and backyard beds.  See our Put up on Composting.  

Additionally, check out our submit on What is Backyard Farming.  Leaves are good sources of composting materials and make glorious mulch.  Take a look at find out how to use leaves to enhance the soil fertility of your yard (here).

Why you shouldn’t Rake Leaves

Blowback:  The road is the worst place to ship your leaves, .  They’re going to blow again into your yard, which apparently is dangerous and the rationale you raked them out of your yard within the first place.

Potential Deaths:  Raking leaves into the road is harmful in keeping with my grandmother who all the time insisted that young children have been going to be play-hiding in these road leaf piles whereas youngsters have been going to be driving over them and killing them.  Maybe she was just a little paranoid, however I suppose it may occur…

Nobody is coming: Do you even know when the Metropolis is scheduled to select these piles up?  In my metropolis, leaves sit on the market for weeks and weeks till the Metropolis picks them up, in the event that they ever do.  They’re all the time threatening to chop this service off as a result of it prices them some huge cash.

Cash: In my Metropolis, they’ve large specialised vacuum sucking vehicles devoted to this objective.  I noticed one on the market, used, for $50,000 on the web, only for the vacuum half.  What number of of those machines does your Metropolis personal and what are they used for 11 months out of the 12 months?  At a minimal of 2-person crews per truck, getting paid by the hour…you get the concept. For my Metropolis of roughly 50,000 folks, I’ll estimate we spend about $250,000 per 12 months eradicating leaves.

In response to this Homeadvisor.com article the common resident of Columbus, Ohio spends $374.00 to have their leaves eliminated!

That lady with the leaf blower spent some huge cash and assets to blow electrical energy throughout her garden for 3 hours.  The gentleman with the using garden mower/leaf sucking machine compacted the soil in his yard.

You’ll purchase them again:  After losing a lot gas and time and power, the place do these raked leaves find yourself?  Normally, they find yourself in a facility that turns them into compost they promote within the Spring for $1 per bag or $15 per cubic yard.  Who buys it?  The identical folks in my neighborhood who’re leaf-raking fanatics.  Truly they purchase it in luggage from the backyard middle for 3 times as a lot because the Metropolis sells it for, or have it delivered for $50 a truckload.

High quality of life:  I do know an individual’s mother who has actual stress about her leaves and is considering the state of her leaf-covered yard approach an excessive amount of throughout fall, to the purpose that I really feel it’s reducing her high quality of life.  She prays for large rains that will knock down all of Fall in a single fell swoop thereby reducing down on leaf raking classes.  I don’t need Fall to be decimated by a brilliant rain.

Overkill on the factors?  Maybe, however you get my drift, that this complete archaic operation of raking leaves and leaf discarding is wasteful.  The good factor is that it doesn’t need to be.  Kids don’t need to get run over, and outdated girls may shift their worries on to one thing else, like when you’re going to cool down and provides them a grandchild.

What Ought to we do with our Leaves?  

Choice 1: Do nothing.  Your grass won’t die.  In Northern Ohio, our grass is beneath snow cowl (we’re within the snow belt and we get what is named “lake-effect” snow) for a minimum of 2 months straight with no mild getting by means of, and it by no means dies.  It’s true that when the snow melts, your leaves will nonetheless be there, partially decomposed, however they’ll degrade into and enhance the fertility of your soil.

Choice 2:  Mow.  Individuals mow their lawns one to 2 instances per week all 12 months, however when Autumn rolls round, they get out specialised implements and equipment to tackle leaves.  In reality, it’s far simpler to run the garden mower over the garden.  The leaves can be chopped up and can enhance your soil.

Choice 3:  Rake leaves into backyard beds.  If you wish to keep a non-leaf look to your garden, rake leaves out of your garden into your closest backyard mattress or panorama function.  When it comes time to purchase compost in Spring, you might not want it, or a minimum of can be approach forward of the sport.   Is there a selected spot the place tons of leaves appear to gather?  Put a backyard mattress there.

Choice 4: Compost.  See our submit about composting beforehand talked about.  You is perhaps stunned to see simply what number of leaves can match right into a compost cage.  Technically talking, leaves alone received’t flip to compost however reasonably, by means of a fungal response, flip into one thing referred to as leaf mildew.  Mainly, it’s the identical factor when it comes to a useful mulch..within the Spring you’re going to have a pile of gunk in your compost cage that crops completely love.

Choice 5: Combo method.  Do Choice 2, 3 and 4, and your backyard will kick into overdrive, and you’ll have saved your self and numerous others time, cash, and headache.

One last item:  Promote your leaf blower on craigslist!  Raking Leaves is so over.

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